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Fall into your dreams 

Hollywood Comedian

Journey into haiti



Fall Into Your Dreams is a Feature -Length Documentary on Christian Robinson achieving one of his life dreams of traveling to Michael Jackson's hometown and performing for Michael's family at the Annual Tribute Competition..

Christian has an incredible spirit, a giant heart and will knock you over with his ridiculous talent.  

Witness the greatness as it's being made. 


Hollywood Comedian is a show that reveals the dark underbelly of the Los Angeles comedy scene while giving you an inside look at the up and coming comedians in LA striving to make it to the top.


Featuring: Chad Ridgely, Eric Alegria, Charles Allen, and many more! 



Filmed in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, for the MRE USA company one month after the earthquake that shook the city.

A fresh look into a very different world from America.




An intimate look into what First Fridays in KC is really all about. Watch only if you're ready to fall in love with Kansas City! 

First Fridays is an Arts & Culture Festival in Crossroads District of Kansas City.

Hosted by: Laura Mzhickteno


[Action Movie] 

Our hero, Agwe, must return to the ways of his violent pirate past in order to free his sister Bijou, from Gabriel, the pirate kingpen who slaughtered Agwe's entire village and forced him into the ruthal life of a pirate 20 years earlier.

America's secret history

The Lost Key

The Christian Robinson Show

Lost Love


[Action-Thriller Movie] 

Speculative trailer for the feature film "America's Secret History. About two entertainers, Gary and Dave on their quest for the ultimate truth.

Our heros meet a mystical janitor, Old James who gives them a magical flag allowing all three to travel throughout American history and view the events that shaped the country. 

Armed with knowledge of their past future, Gary and Dave decide to take matters into their own hands and change the course of history... 


[Psychological Found Footage Thriller Movie]

A large inheritance...  

An escape... to paradise...

The perfect life.. 


The girl goes missing..

And the only suspect.. Is her fiance..

The only evidence.. - A phone..

This is their story.. 

[Comedy/Vlog Series]

A fresh take on an old format!

The Christian Robinson is a follow-doc series ala "Rob & Big" that follows the amazing and inspiring life of vegan pop-superstar in the making Christian Robinson, along with his friends. 

It's a wild ride!  




[Dramatic Short Film]

Sammy blows off his girlfriend Stefanie for work.

Stefanie dies in a car accident the next day.

Sammy flips out & gets wasted with a buddy at the bar.

Sammy goes home to clear his head and all craziness ensues....

"Lost Love" a story about love, tragedy and redemption.