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My name’s Dylan and I’m an Integrated Media Producer and Account Manager in Kansas City, Missouri. 

I’m extroverted, helpful and always looking to bring out the best in people. I bring energy, humor, understanding and optimism to every project. 

I enjoy working in teams and with diverse groups of people, whose interests inspire me.

Have a talent for creative expression which can turn ordinary things and situations into something magical. 

A few of the projects I’ve worked on: American Idol, America’s Got Talent, HBO’s Treme, The Green Lantern, NASCAR, WWE Films, Dr. G. Medical Examiner, Just Another Day and U.S. Soccer, to name a few. 

A few of the projects I’ve led: MRE USA in Haiti, National Adoption Day, Boost Mobile, Chef KC, Orlando Film Festival, LaMar’s Donuts, Hollywood Comedian, The Christian Robinson Show, First Fridays Experience, Fall Into Your Dreams, SALT, Lost Love, Future Business Leaders of America, The Ballerina, Ubeea.com.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communications: New Media and an Associate's Degree in Film/Video Production. 

I’ve worked in the film/marketing/advertising industries in KC, LA, Orlando and New Orleans. 

Locally, I’ve produced content for Visit KC, UMKC, Chef Kansas City, LaMar’s Donuts, National Adoption Day, Trench Marketing, PSAV and many more. 

I’m very excited about the opportunities of content production and distribution through new media channels and am open for any and all conversations about creative content. 

Taking a look around my site you'll find: the clients I've worked with, the services I provide, testimonials from people I’ve partnered with, videos I've produced, and projects I've worked on. 

I understand how to create meaningful content and will be happy to leverage those skills to help you and your project or business succeed. .