creating content

deploying it eFFECTIVELY  


Video for: website · Insta · facebook · youtube

VIDEOS Primarily your website, youtube and the web. We highlight what makes you special and worth seeking out. Ever been at work and thought, this could totally be a show. Now it can be.

We do all the filming and editing, you do all the… you being you. We’ll take it from there. Our specialty is helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera by involving you in the creative process. Already feel ready to shine? Even better. 



*Actual results from a recent, successful campaign. 

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Create the video content with you and your company and then run said content as small, paid ads on the leading social networks - filtered by location, age, etc. We can be as specific as we want - and cater content to that market. This type of marketing is the most effective in 2018 because it’s a double hit of relevant content and repeated placement, to generate the results your company needs. We can run video campaigns that have 300x the reach and effects of static ads. 

photography / Slideshows


Anyone can take a picture, we create content that SELLS. All types, all situations. You name it, we shoot it, then we all say aaahhh that’s what we were after. Unique style that will make you and your business pop. Featured in Visit KC, JPG Mag, LTL Prints. Selling canvases all year, every year through Imagekind. Our photography is artistic, one of a kind and aimed to please both the eye and the soul, as well as create sales! 

igtv & insta stories


A video or video series where your creativity is the only limitation and the reach is incredible. 

The videos also  act as your own, high-produced profile video on your instagram account. When people come to your story or profile, you SET YOURSELF APART. Create video segment stories that’ll run for months in just an afternoon.



It just makes sense. Produced stories mean you can show off the personality of your business and brand. The deeper you go with the Who, Why, What, Where, How. The more engaged your audience will be and the more ready to BUY. 


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Aerial services for real estate, filmmaking, land surveying, construction, agriculture, architecture, commercials. You name, we can drone it. 


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We have over 45 years combined of business experience & knowledge. Ready to be applied to your company, we can help you with branding, company strategy, marketing/advertising, logistics, order management, personnel management issues, etc. You name it, we’ve seen it. Believe it or not, there’s usually a clear and effective answer close by at hand. We don’t charge an arm and a leg  for consulting services. We want to help you get ahead, because we enjoy the process of helping people and entrepreneurs move forward and grow in their lives and companies.