Academy Award Nominee & D.G.A. Director

"I had the pleasure of working with Dylan on my feature film "Just Another Day". Dylan worked tirelessly to make my film the best possible product it could be. 

His contributions were invaluable and I can't recommend him highly enough." 


D.G.A. Director

"I've known Dylan for many years and hold him in very high regard. He has the rare combination of talent, motivation, and focus. 

I recommend him highly, he's a valuable asset to any team."


Director of I AM, Happy, Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty. 

"Keep up the good work Dylan, we need more like you. 

Remember, it's all about the message. 

- Tom


D.G.A. Director

"I've worked with Dylan on feature films, commercials, music videos and a film festival.

Dylan's ability to coordinate talent/locations in addition to filming and editing is truly astounding.

He's an excellent choice for your media needs."


President, View by Video Inc. 

"Dylan's work has been consistently been very high quality. 

He's as reliable and easy to work with as they come. 

An absolute pleasure."

Jeff Taylor 

Owner/Operator LaMar's Donuts

Dylan Allen did a wonderful job creating a movie for our LaMar's Donuts business in Blue Springs, MO. Dylan was very professional and arrived for our meeting prepared to go.  He took pictures of our products for the slide show and created a great slide show movie with the pictures and information presented in an easy to understand format. Dylan was even available to assist later when we had some technical difficulties. Dylan was also nice enough to check in from time to time to ensure we were happy with the finished product. I would recommend Dylan’s services to any small business or anyone with a video production project.

Chris zembrzuski

Owner/Operator Chef Kansas City

I’ve worked with Dylan on many projects for my companies as well as many others. He is incredibly knowledgable, professional and understanding. He would make a great addition to any team.

- Video testimonials -

Wow! That is absolutely beautiful, Dylan... But for sure I am sending it to them because that is too amazing to keep under wraps ;)

     - Colby W.

That music video was amazing!

     - Melissa S.

You've got some rad pics and vids on your profile! Keep up the good work!

     - Tony B.

Hey man, that link worked. Me and Marion watched. I thought it was good and Marion said cool. We give it 2 thumbs up.

     - Don & Marion H.

It's always nice to have moments of realization like that. Great job again. Reminds me of that feeling I get once a summer when the temperature is perfect, the windows down and you're just like "so this is the reason"

     - Philip K.

Hey yo i love the vid but you spelled my name wrong bruh. lol. Good shit though.

     - Steven R.

Good shit, i need like 19 more

     - Chris Z.

Dude, I love this video - you even caught me in there at 5:30 lolz))))! Fun times!!!

     - Sergey J.

Yep thats some good stuff. We are def gonna have to go bigger and better this summer.

     - Jag B.

WOW you are on point. You and I think very alike my friend. 

I too believe that one of the best ways to get our message across or inform people is through Film, our favorite medium. I've been working on a couple different ideas/scripts and I think you would be such a big help on collaborating with me.

     - Kevin T.

Czech out my interview from location in Haiti!!!
My friend Dylan made it happen and made me look (and sound) good :) Thnx D.!

     - Marketa H.

Awesome video dude.

     - Willy " Southside " G.

Hi Dylan.. Want to let u kno your video from Haiti is so inspiring.. I've shared it with  all of my famly/friends. Your talent in photograghy is truly impressive. Thanks for sharing the car trip.. Matt has the greatest friends & I thank u & Kris for helping me on that journey! I'll foliow /subscribe to IdeaProductions..& know great things are in store for you. Take care.

     - Paige J.

"Love the video!  That must have been an amazing experience!  What are you up to now?"

     - Ayla P.

Hey Dylan! hows life? awesome music vid, I bet making it was an incredible experience! you edit it too?

     - Courtney C.

Man that video you posted was so f'n good, It actually drew emotion out of me. By the end I was in it.

Yo gotta keep doing that shit

     - Brett F.

I just saw some video you and Donald shot in Haiti. Looked great man. I could really tell you guys got in there and enjoyed yourselves...what I mean is...you weren't just filming...you were really experiencing it. GREAT stuff.

     - Derek A.

I watched the video and like it allot. We may be able to show it this year at Orlando.

     - Dan S. 

Great piece. It's amazing how happy everybody looks. I guess they are just happy to be alive. Thanks.

     - Ralph C.

Hey buddy, Good to hear from you! Wow that video was amazing man you got some great footage. That had to be a life changing trip! I like the song also!

     - Reid S.

So I meant to watch this when you posted it and then I got caught up in aida and don recently posted it and so I watched it. I love it. I do enjoy a song that makes me feel fun and fancy free and the video is beautiful. I approve.

     - Brittany M.

What an incredible video.....arent we all blessed.

     - Jane P.

Awesome video ;) 

     - Colby W.

Liked your music video it turned out well

     - Nicole Z.

I loved that video! the shots yall got are fantastic. they showed the severity of the situation, but at the same time they showed so much hope. and the shots of you with the kids are precious :) ya'll did good.

     - Alexandria T.

Thanks for sharing. Very, cool stuff. The resilience of the Haitian peoples needs to be captured more often. 

Keep them coming. 

     - Bradley P.

Oh wow, nice job Dylan, touching.. very inspiring how everyone has a smile on their face

     - Maryam P. 

That's great man! Are cutting any narrative from the footage as well?

     - Brian M.

I really like it. Great footage.

     - Shima G.

Glad to see you doing important storytelling.

     - Robert M.

Wow, editing makes a movie. Love it:)

     - Jitlada K.

Dylan! Thank you for sharing that video, it's awesome! That must have been SUCH a fantastic experience! How is everything going on your end with production. It's so amazing getting to see you're doing what you wanted to!!!

     - Milena D.

Yo I saw that Haiti video...well done Dylan, well done :~)

     - Dakota B.

I showed that video to my mom and she digged it. she said nice work and shes proud of you. haha. good job man

     - Andrew S.

The way these people were depicted on camera was really beautiful btw.

     - Chris B. 

This is really well done. looks gorgeous!

     - Chris B. 

Awesome Dylan! Thanks for sharing.

     - Lindsay C.

Wow Dylan this video is absolutely amazing!! i love it!! thank you for sharing ♥ It's so funny that you shared this with me because I'm currently planning a trip to go volunteer in Haiti this summer.

     - Derrika R.

Great video, perfect for your music.

     - Wendy G.

And they still go on with their daily lives...very well done. I love the compositions you used; it showed the people of Haiti in this sort of whimsical but poignant perspective. This should take you far, dude.

     - Eddie D.

The video is awesome! I absolutely LOVE it! I'm glad to see that you and Don are still helping out in Haiti. So proud of you guys :)

     - Nina B.

Such a touching and moving piece Dylan.. good job man. It's so amazing how they are all so positive and thankful granted their situation.. as they are still recovering from the earthquake. very very good piece.

     - Jessica P.


     - Jessica P.

It was so awesome!! so proud of you and Don! let me know if you guys would be up to doing a video for a band..

     - Stef S.


     - Philip K.

This video is great! I saw you post online about going to Haiti? Was this the purpose of it? The cinematography is well done, a little jumpy, but for the purpose of the song it goes well with it, and makes the poppy acoustic guitar song work well.

     - Chris M.

Liked the video a lot, nice job! 

     - Geoff A.

Great work man.

i really enjoyed it.

keep them coming.

     - Clayton T.

Thats pretty cool, can't imagine those living conditions. hope i don't ever have to.

     - Tracy L. 

I love it!

     - Rudy F. 

Great Video! Many Blessings!

     - Arthur B.

This is the first video I have seen since the earthquake in Haiti that made me smile.

Directed by a friend of mine Dylan Allen. Please share it! HAITIANS ARE STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

     - Rudy F.

Amazing Dylan.. r u coming to otown any time this year?im movin in 1 month.. k.. i gotta watch the video you guys shot.. am i gonna cry? probably.. ;) those are the best..

     - Stef S.

Wow! Amazing footage Brother! It must have been such an eye-opening, tremendous experience going there. The song is really good too! I need to check this guy out. Really good job on the video sonnnn!

     - Jim M.

Cool music video done by a friend after a visit to Haiti. Let the smiles of the children in.

     - Mark M.

Dear Dylan, 

Thank you so much for all your work on Adoption Day video. It is really well done! 

     - Commissioner Merrigan 

Wonderful video! Many thanks and appreciation.

     - Bonnie K.

This is amazing. You are so talented. I almost teared up a little… and that never happens! I am passing this on to CASA staff. 

     - Kate N.

It's a wonderful video. Very Impressive. Dylan did a great job! 

     - Mary M.


     - Renae A.

I agree, it is wonderful. 

     - Kathy R.

Loved the video! You rock! 

     - Martina P.

Great Job!! 

     - Marco R.

Excellent, Awesome, Heart-Warming, and Beautiful!

     - Rauol J. 

Thanks for capturing the essence of adoption. Please share our sincere appreciation and thanks.

     - Lydia S.  

A picture is worth 1000 words. 

     - Sonja Potter

Your son did an excellent job putting that video together. I am sure you are very proud of his efforts. 

     - David R.

Dylan did an excellent job. 

     - Jim W.

This is absolutely beautiful. Great Job. Please extend my thanks to your son for such fine work. 

     - Mary J.

Dylan did a great job. I like it. When you're happy with the final product I'd like to put the link on our internet site. 

     - Jeff E.


To me the sweater represents your ego. When you let go of it you truly become free. Nice writing and thinking Dylan.

     - Donald P.

Great writing Dylan!!! Thanks :)

     - Marketa H.

"Beautiful : ) "But what they do have makes up for it a million times over." What incredibly important/moving work you're doing...Keep on 


     - Katie A.

Your articles are really interesting thank you for sharing your experience.

     - Isabelle D.

"I really like the story, and the pics..."

     - Philipp M.

- marketing testimonials -

OMG, this stuff is awesome. I love your energy and will likely use some of this stuff.

     - Mark M.

Very brilliant and insightful. U definitely get it. Self actualization is where it's at.

     - Marquette T.

I really think that you have an excellent approach to business, and I like the way you think....that, combined with your creativity and talent, makes me have absolutely no doubt that you are going to accomplish everything you set out to do with your business...I am not just saying this, but I really do believe in you, Dylan...you also have an amazing ability to go after exactly what you want, no matter what, and I really admire you for that...

     - Colby W.

Dylan, thank you! I've always loved you! You summed it up perfectly....

     - Erin P.

All good ideas Dylan. You are very talented! 

     - Randall R.

Hey Dylan! Your Haiti Project Was AWESOME!! You Are So Talented And I Admire You! Well, I Do!! ;D

     - Jenni-Leigh O.

We definitely want you back.  I thought you did a terrific job last year and this year will only be bigger.

     - Brett J. Founder : Orlando Film Festival

- Photography testimonials -

Best Picture Ever!!~!!!! Dylan's photography is so good!

- Jesse W.

Very good work here on Cali Stylee

     - J. L. Long

Love this photo of Kansas City, and it's beautifully captured! I grew up in lovely KC and now live in Hawaii. Your photos take me back... thank you!

     - Karen D.

Those pictures are awesome!!!

     - Jacque A.

Dude ur photography has become amazing!

     - Sunshine R.

This is a beautiful picture!

     - J. Suisaime

This picture is wonderful. It makes me want to watch a French film, muted, with the Birthday Party on vinyl playing. In the dark. Drinking wine by myself. Just sayin.

     - MandiPants P.

Aarrr arrr get at me dog, thats fire

     - David R.

Well done, Dyl.

     - Barrett E. 

Very well done sir. Good photos of good times.

     - Kris R.

Big ups on the photos Dyl. 

     - Jag B.

I haven't finished looking at everything, but the first thing i noticed myself thinking was "damn, i gotta say these photos are so quality" 

it's true.

     - Justin E.

So while trying to find my picture in this album, i obviously looked through all the pictures. i love them. the sunsets and the graffiti and the angles at which you took the pictures are brilliant. no wonder you took such good pictures of me ;)

     - Alexandria T.

These pictures are pretty amazing. Cali is so much beautiful :)

     - Tara S.

Dude your pictures are sweettttt. what kind of camera do you have?

      - Mallory C.

Wow dylan this are awesome pics! you are sick with the camera!

     - Lucky B.

Great job!!!! You can feel the spirit of the people through the lens. Keep it up!

     - Andrew F.

Looks awesome looks like you guys made a lot of people happy :D

     - Ciara N.

Bro, that was awesome. thanks for that!

     - Valensky S.

F'n awesome

     - Donald P.

Great job! =) There's some beautiful footage in there. You're so talented! I really love how you captured the resilient spirit of Haiti and how well the video fits with the lyrics to that song. It's bittersweet yet super uplifting. Niiice!

     - Maggie S.

This seriously warmed my heart this morning...absolutely loved how playful the whole thing was. Fantastic Dylan! The guy at 33 seconds sets the mood just right. :-D

     - Katie A.

Thanks for that video. I have watched it now like 10 times. Its real good man. That must have been a blast working with those kids. Keep sending me videos. I like to share them with people. Free Dirty Sanchez Advertising! We need to meet up when I get back to the states this summer and talk. take care dude. keep doing that crazy badass film shit. peace

     - Andrew S.

Amazing photos

     - Gabrielle R.

Haha i had a ton of fun that day and i do love the way they turned out. you are fantastic. 

     - Alexandra T.

Your Haiti Pics are amazing ! 

     - Melissa D.

Powerful pics man ! 

     - Kris R.

If the place is anything like your pictures then I'll be happy. I want to live in your photos!!

     - Kelly H.

Dylan, you are fantastic. those turned out beautiful! sydni and i just looked at them. you're a genius. :)

     - Alexandria T.

Nice Portraits !"

     - Tobias L.

Excellent portrait, nicely done."

     - Tom P.

Wow Dylan! I loved it!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing! You are amazing! It is just beautiful!! Thank you sooo much!

     - Misty M.

I LOVE this pic! Nice choice

     - Dana T.

Great , voted.

     - Isabelle D.


Interesting stories! I'll go the the library to listen to the songs. Thanks for letting me read them.

     - Ariela M.

So good Dyl! I definitely pulled some insightful goodies from it! Keep'em coming!

     - Brett F.

You're a real good egg Dylan!

Love simplicity with which you always *break IT down*

It's so nice to hear these things out of different mouths and through different lenses :~) Namaste ∞

     - Katie A.

Nice writing 

     - Darren M.

You've got a shiny spirit my friend. That was a very present story. It checked me for sure. I tend to be pushy about everyone else's process. I love'em and I want them to see clearly as well, you know? Thanks Dyl. Let's continue!

     - Brett F.

I like it! i love the symbolism of the sweater. that was really creative. very nicely done.

thank you!

     - Alexandria T.

Loved that Dylan. Such a beautifully simple metaphor for such a complex journey---mad props! I loved how playful the language was, you know, not like a serious spiritual teaching, but something very relatable. Well done!

     - Katie A.

just checked this and read it. very insightful. very thoughtful. you're on a good one friend. it's really refreshing. not just for me that stuff will rub off on just about everyone you're around as long as they have an open ear and you have an open heart. i also just now am listening to the song. i'm not really paying attention to the words cause i'm typing but it sounds nice. 

keep up this trip, you know like stay on the road and keep looking around not for a goal but for all the things around you on your way. self realization is it.. the source. and please please don't forget about me, i like it when you share. inspires me to get back at it. we've only a taste, but i intend to approach this um...topic? more seriously within my own days.

good evening 

     - Justin E.

A short story written by a thoughtful and passionate young man. Definitely worth the time to read.

     - Mark M.

Dylan--loved this allegorical short story. Do you mind if I share with others?

     - Mark M.

I think i like best the part when white sweater realizes that nothing you can do or say will directly change how a person feels of their sweater. not to say you can't influence, but honestly the best influence you can offer is to stay true to yourself and feel out your own path/ wear your sweater the way you love to, the way you were meant to and that is by far by far the best advice/insight you can offer to another. regardless of their stage of attachment

     - Justin E.